Specialized Work

  1. Versatile in design concepts to fit specifically with an array of client needs and understanding - i.e. from fashion clients, to business and consumer clients and to non-profit organizations.

  2. A long history in fashion, magazine and the entertainment industry.

  3. In depth knowledge and experience in usage of professional design software for print media and web design.

  4. Able to come up with relevant creative concepts and ideas quickly and efficiently and develop those ideas into visual content from presentation to final product.

  5. An ability to spot trends in design, fashion and advertising.

  6. Work diligently and independently with little or no supervision.

  7. Able to communicate and address issues with clients as well as contracted production associates.

  8. Manage workflow and keeping track of all production deadlines.

My career as an art director began in 1992, when I worked for a weekly entertainment magazine in Singapore called ‘8 Days’. My experience in editorial work has taken me from entertainment titles to information and the arts and to fashion and lifestyle titles. The last publication project I embarked on in Singapore was in 2002 where I was appointed creative director of a new magazine for men called ‘NewMan’. Since then, I have been living in New York City where I work for a design studio specializing in branding and advertising for various clients ranging from fashion to real estate and banking.

Design has always been a passion in my life. In my early years, I was drawn towards various forms of visual expression. I took every opportunity to involve myself in anything design related. I was often involved in the performing arts scene in Singapore working both on and off stage, but found more satisfaction in the behind the scenes aspect of theatre. It was in 1988 that I had an opportunity to work for Club Med as a stage designer, where I was not only responsible for the sets and props, but also created posters and banners to announce the various events. That experience took me to the next step where I worked for an entertainment venue in Singapore called Zouk. I was solely responsible for all design work within the club. This included the designing of flyers, invites and ads as well as decorations for events, fashion shows and exhibitions. It was here that I was approached by the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, to art direct their entertainment magazine, ‘8 Days’. From there, I continued to learn and grow as a designer and art director as I took each opportunity to understand the needs and nature of various publications.

I am always keen to take on new challenges in the field of design and have always found it the best way to learn and improve my craft.